• Bira 91 Blonde Summer Lager

      ฿89.00 Inc VAT

      Bira 91 Blonde is a sunny & bright lager made with the choicest two-row barley. and German hops resulting in a beer whice is clean, crisp, refreshing and dry.

      Brewery: Bira 91 Blonde Summer Lager
      Country: India
      Style: 0
      ABV: 4.5%
      Size: 330 ml.
    • Voll Damm 33 cl.

      ฿140.00 Inc VAT

      Double Malt beer with bronze color. Caramel with fruits on the nose. Malt sweetness dominates the tongue with caramel hints and hops. Well-balanced, crisp lager finish. Gold medal in the International Beer Competition.

      Vineyard: Voll Damm – Double Malt Beer 33 cl.
      Country: Spain
      Region: Barcelona
      Type: Lager
      Varietals: “17% Barley Malt|Rice|Maize|Hops
      7.2%, 33 Ml.”
      Size: 330 ml.
    • Estrella Damm Barcelona 33 cl.

      ฿140.00 Inc VAT

      Very golden yellow, creamy hops-flavoured froth and refreshing taste. Flavor of light malts, overall sweetness. Aromas of classic macro lager, dry grains, smells of spicy hop zest and a buttery note.

      Brewery: Damm
      Country: Spain
      Style: Lager
      ABV: 5.4%
      Size: 330 ml.

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